Monday, May 24, 2010

Worlds Greatest

R Kelly

All eyes were on the score board. It was 17-17 with two minutes to go.The opponent, 19 titles as national rugby champions, had possession of the ball. This is when one team's mountains of preparation will finally pay off. This is when the vision of all the players comes together as one. This is when all your strength combines to become a fortress that no one can enter. Frank's rugby team was sick and tired of being second best. The team had come together like a wild river flowing to its destiny. It all comes down to who wants it more and these underdog players had the determination and desire to come up against their "Goliath".

Frank's team had vowed that each and every player would use every ounce of power and energy they had to knock these guys off their pedestal. In serge of united power Frank poaches the ball, gaining possession. Never before had their minds been so connected and their bodies so synchronized. Each player's trust for his teammate showed as the ball made its way down the field and into the Try-zone. They felt like eagles soaring, or a lion roaring, declaring his position as king of the jungle. As they run and jump towards one another, the energy is electric. Nothing can stop us now.

The score board now reads 22-17. Frank's team is no longer the underdog. Momentum was on Frank's side, but there was still 36 seconds left, and the arrogant opponent was not going to go down with out a final fight. As they desperately kept driving towards our end of the field, they expected to score. Their expected result would be destroyed. A wall of united players stood immovable. It seemed to the players in that wall they had become tall trees, rooted together, arms entwined, bending but never breaking. The opponent joined together as one to push back, but the final seconds had ticked down and the strength of the underdogs had finally prevailed. They were the nations greatest. Frank thought of the words of his favorite song, "I'm that star up in the sky, I'm that mountain peak up high, hey I made it. I'm the worlds greatest! I'm that little bit of hope when my backs against the ropes. Yeah i made it, I'm the worlds greatest." Frank thought, "Does it get any better then this? My team is the world's greatest!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Journey

Silver Scnoob lives in the South Bronx, NY. He lives with and takes care of his 50 year old mother who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Silver owns a shoe store that makes barley enough money to pay the bills. He hopes that some day he will be able to "go big" and own a whole chain of shoe stores. One cold winter day Silver was late for a meeting at work. He was running through the big city trying to get there as fast as he could when he stepped on a big patch of ice. Silver's head flung back crashing into the ground and knocking him out. A few minutes later Silver woke up. He had no clue who he was, where he was or who his family was. Will Silver ever find him self?

HERO: Silver Scnoob
OW: Lives with Mom in South Bronx
Call: Silver falls and recieves a sevear concussion.
Special World: Silver doesn't know anything. He doesn't even know his own name.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Film analysis


(OW) Giselle is a fairytale princess who like a lot of other fairytale princesses talks to animals and sings 24-7. She lives in a tree with all her wild animal friends. Her Prince charming also lives in this animated world. He also loves to sing and talk to animals. One of his hobbies is capturing trolls. She meets Prince Edward and the instantly plan their marriage the next day.
(Call) Giselle's new mother-in-law does not want her to become queen. She plans to send Giselle "to a world where there are no happy endings." She pushes her down a well sending her from the animated world to present day in NYC. Giselle now must figure out this new place and find Prince Edward... her true love.. she thinks.
(Refusal) No one is nice to her. Shes almost been hit by cars, no one says hello, and a bum steels her crown. She is friendless, clueless and distraught.
(Meeting With the Mentor) Robert takes Giselle out of the rain storm and gives her a place to sleep and food to eat. Giselle is so thankful that he is nice to her, that she brings her animal friends to clean his apartment. Her child like character grows on him as he teaches her skills such as, living in NYC, communicating with people, and dating.
(Crossing the Threshold) Giselle slowly, but surely starts falling in love with Robert. They spent a lot of time together and they have a few "moments". She begins to become less interested in Prince Edward as she finds more fulfillment in the experiences of this new world. Giselle's threshold is when she realizes that she doesn't want just the cartoon life any more, she wants the challenges and adventures of this new world.
(Tests, Alis, Enemies) The queen pushed her in the well and is obviously an enemy. After being saved by Robert, she becomes great friends with him and his daughter. The biggest test for Giselle is adjusting to the real world. It is dark and gloomy compared to the world she came from.

(Approach) Price Edward finds Giselle. He is over joyed! As she spends time with Prince Edward she realizes her feelings for him are no more. Mean while, Robert is mending his relationship with his girlfriend. Giselle and Robert are both realizing that they are inlove with eachother and not their significant others.

(Ordeal) Queen Narissa finds out that Prince Edward found Giselle! She comes to get rid of Giselle. Of course all of the characters are at a Ball. Narissa turns herself into a dragon and goes after Giselle! Robert (not Edward) is the one who fights and sleighs the dragon and saves the princess! Through this intense rescue, Robert and Giselle face their love for eachother. It just so happens that their significant others fall in love instantly as well.

(Reward) Giselle survived death, she overcame her fear of this world and earns the reward of true love! She and Robert are married and live happily ever after.

(The Road Back)Giselle recommits to her desire for true love. She realizes that her true love is definitely NOT Edward. In order to have her fairy tale, she must commit to Robert, not Edward.

(Resurrection) When the dragon almost kills Giselle, she realizes how much she has learned in this "real world". She appreciates happiness vrs. saddness and enjoys the challenges and rewards of this world. She decides that she wants to bring her love for life and love to this world and stay with Robert.

(Return with Elixir) Luckilly, Edward and Robert's girlfriend fell in love and went back to cartoon land. Giselle marries Robert and becomes a mother to Robert's daughter. This heals all of thier wounds and need for love and belonging.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Name: Silver Scnoob
Age: 23
Race/religion/gender: Black, LDS, Male
Parents:Jenna and Jerry Scnoob
Style of dress:Thug
Hometown:Brooklyn, NY
Marital status/family:None
Most embarrassing moment: walked into a pole at school... twice..
Greatest fear: Snakes
Strongest desire: Get rich or DIE TRYIN'
Job: Owns a Shoe Store
Where he/she wants to be in 5 years: Rich, Lazy, Happy
Guiltiest pleasure: Watches "Days of our Lives" regularly
Identifying marks: 6 fingers on one hand
Mannerisms/gestures: Smiles while he talks
What he/she was like in school: Quiet, Popular, Athletic
Favorite sayings: "YO"
Favorite quotes from songs: IM AWESOME
Favorite movie quotes: Is this place pager friendly?
Most valuable possession: Pit Bull, Stone
How he/she feels about love:Doesn't exist
Philosophy on life: Everyone has a special god given gift. It is our job to find this gift and polish it and use it to benefit others.